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BAFTA Awards 2016 Poster series

‘Human After All’ creatively directed and designed five posters for the BAFTA Awards 2016. Beautifully styled image-filled silhouettes were created by Hungarian designer Levente Szabó.

Content was inspired by some of the BAFTA nominee films. This must have added some difficulty in choosing which films to use, as some were winners, and some weren’t, all were clearly deserving.

Levente’s illustrations were used across a range of the print material on the night, from tickets to car passes, and brochures to banners.

There’s also this YouTube video which shows how the illustration for The Revenant poster was created. A great series altogether, the team here at Flyte London thought The Bridge of Spies and The Revenant posters were the two stand outs for us.

Which are your favourites?

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