Plain packaging regulations could cost food and drink brands over £200bn.

Image source: The Grocer from the packaging special feature, 14 October 2017

An article on DesignWeeks website published this week covers a report on the impact plain packaging would have on eight major companies.


A new report by financial consultancy Brand Finance looks at the potential financial impact of forcing big companies such as Pepsi Co and Coca-Cola to have non-branded packaging.

Plain Packaging 2017 looks at the potential impact of packaging restrictions on products such as fizzy drinks and confectionery, similar to those already used for tobacco products in the UK and other countries across the world.

The article provides a monetary value on how much eight companies rely on their branded goods to influence purchasing decisions. Its a subject of great debate, and after being implemented for cigarette packing, it's something thats carefully being looked in to.

What are your thoughts on more 'plain packaging'? Where do you think the line should be drawn on which products might be included?

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