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We're a creative

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It's our mission to really change business identity for the better.

Exciting brands

Partners that trust Flyte


We are proud to work with established brands as well as new startups.

Some of our clients

Featured work.

Front cover example of company mbryonic brand guidelines
Colt vehicle fleet branding  | Flyte London
Colt Technology Services

Flyte produce creative solutions for use right across Colts global brand.

Vodafone Enterprise Image Library  | Flyte London

Flyte created a wide range of marketing material and brand imagery for use by the Enterprise marketing teams.

Example brochure front cover for client CenturyLink. Shows a digitised head and green brand identity
Image of three out of focus people walking through an office environment towards entrance doors

What our clients say

"I have a consistently positive experience with the Flyte team whenever I work with them.
They are excellent at gathering requirements and then working with you to understand what it is that you need. The creative process is quick and simple, and the project deliverables are always high quality. 
I have never worked with an agency who so consistently nailed exactly what I was after." 
Client: Colt logo

Laura Perrott

Global Director of Digital & Brand at Colt Technology Services


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